The school is starting, now it’s time to study. This is accompanied by the excerpt from home – the first step to independence is done! Since housing for students or apprentices is quite expensive, shared student apartments are perhaps just the solution. Off to the adventure! But that does not have to start with the move. What you need to do? You have several options.

 – ask your friends or relatives to help you with the move.

 – hire student moving companies for the stress-free and fast move


Moving companies can be a lifesaver for moving students. If they are familiar with the matter, relocation can be fast and easy. Not all movers are ready to deal with student moving. In addition, a few relocation helpers can be organized to help with packing and towing. The student moving companies also take over all services alone, brings along moving boxes, packs them and takes over the transport. Furniture will be dismantled and rebuilt in the new apartment, old furniture will be disposed of.

Do not forget: The registrations (registrations and new registrations) have to be timely! The registration office, bank, university, post office and many more have to be informed about the new address.

It is also important to connect the Internet in the shared apartment or to inform yourself about how the modalities of use are.

Apartment Moving


A move is a great opportunity to finally sort out all the things that no student needs anymore. The student apartment moving companies are happy to help you with packing and moving your items! You should consider that there is probably only limited space in the student apartment. Therefore, not too much small stuff should be allowed. Preparing for the perfect student move also involves organizing soft drinks for the helpers. Either, in the new apartment is something ready or the delivery service brings something there. Especially when friends and acquaintances tackle, you should take care of them well. But even the professional movers are happy about a little attention. This preserves the mood and the joy of work!


Good planning is the furnishing of the new room. Anyone who has not made a plan before should be relatively headless between furniture and boxes. Therefore: Please plan in advance, where to build what!


 – plan your move from 0
 – estimate moving preparation time
 – bring wardrobe boxes (free for use)
 – plastic wrap and moving blankets to protect your belongings from damage (free service)
 – moving truck for loading your items (free)
 – offer a student moving deals (cheaper than average moving cost)
 – disassemble and rebuild your furniture, bed etc. (free of charge)
 – unload and rearrange your stuff.


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