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Student moving

We realize that students, in particular, do not have the big budget for their student move. Especially in Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area, there are many students and a lack of housing. This often means that rooms or apartments are only available at short notice and must be moved from flat to flat share. Therefore, as a moving company, Sprint Mover has a “student moving” special service model for moving students. With us, you have the opportunity to hire movers only for loading and transporting your furniture and belongings. For example, you can dismantle the furniture, pack the boxes, disassemble the curtains, remove the pictures. We then wrap and drag the dismantled furniture, the boxes and other things down the stairs and load the things in our or in your moving truck/van. Then we bring the things to your new apartment and put them as you desire.

The student moving can save a lot of money, as mounting and packing is often not the problem when moving a student. However, towing the property may be a bigger problem, for example, when the entire community flies out and things like kitchen, kitchen appliances, the washing machine and heavy mirrored cabinets have to go down the stairs.

Feel free to contact us by phone or request a moving quote online. Then our moving experts can get an idea of the situation, give you advice on student moving if necessary and provide you with a cost estimate in advance. Afterward, our accounting department will calculate a fixed price offer. Of course, this service is not only for students but for all people who would rather use this service than our entire moving service.

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"I must say the customer service and the moving team consisting of Vitaly Verbovskyy and Wilson Amaya was more than I expected from a moving company. Thank you, Mark, for setting me up with an awesome team and attending to my moving needs in a fast professional manner. You guys deserve 7 stars in my book. Will recommend Sprint Movers to all my friends and family."

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Student Moving

Being one of the leading moving companies with a reputation for offering our clients low cost but professional house moving services, residential moving services, packing services, office moving services etc. we have incorporated the student moving service. At Sprint Mover we are aware that these students often times do not have a big budget for their moving needs. Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco are a few of the cities and states with housing issues. This means that students would have to regularly move from apartment or flat to another. These and many other factors have moved us at Sprint Mover to introduce a special “student moving” service. We offer students the opportunity to hire professional movers to have only their piece of furniture and personal belongings (including books) transported to their new apartment.

You could decide to have your piece of furniture and curtains dismantled, your personal belongings packed carefully in separate boxes right before these professional movers arrive. The job of our team of professionals would be to wrap the dismantled piece of furniture and boxes, then have them moved down into our truck. As efficient and as fast as possible, our professional movers will have these items moved to your new apartment where each of the dismantled items will be assembled and placed as you want.

The student moving service we offer at Sprint Mover is one that saves you a couple of dollars. Still planning on moving to that new apartment? Contact us now to get free quotes. Once a contact has been established, our team of professional movers arrive at your home to assess the situation, then offer you certain tips that would simplify the entire moving process. Once all these are done, our accounting team calculates and offer you a fixed price.

Our aim as a company is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services, this is why we have made the student moving service available to not just students but all those that would rather opt for this service than our regular moving services. We want to make the job as simple as possible for you. This is why our customer care team are always on ground to reply to your messages. Also, our team of professional movers is capable of handling the entire student moving process without asking for your help. Contact us now to have your belongings moved to that new apartment.

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