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Packing services

Do you need help packing your personal and office items? Are you relocating to another city and would love to pack your things along? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you need the services of a moving company. Sprint Mover has gained a reputation as one of the most efficient, reliable, and fast moving packing service companies in the country. With our main aim being to solve all moving and packing problems our clients may have, we have incorporated the packing service.

At Sprint Mover, we offer our clients packing services for all their relocation needs. Not only do we pack your items, but our team of experienced and professional helpers would also ensure that your items are placed wherever you want them. Irrespective of what you need packed, Sprint Mover is ready and available to handle the job. You would agree that packing is a skilled art and should be done properly less fragile items are damaged. Our professional helpers or movers understand this, making them pack your items in a discreet and safe manner.

At Sprint Mover, we want our clients to feel relaxed, that is why the entire packing process is handled by our team of experts. As mentioned earlier, our team of professional movers is capable of packing several items. Interestingly, we offer our clients insurance options for the various items or materials you are moving. This is one of the main reasons why most people moving in and out of Los Angeles and Orange County choose us for all their packing services.

“Very fair prices. Day savers”

" I hate moving. It's one of the top 5 stressful things a human being can do and it stresses me the eff out. But packing is a whole other beast. I have so much stuff that I would start and get nowhere. Here comes Sprint Mover- woah! Guys show up on time with materials. Very charming personalities. I told them how nervous and insane I was about packing. Jeff calmly said to me "we got you" and they did! Brought the materials, did everything and then some! So glad I called here. Saved my day. Very fair prices"

Moving Packing Services We Offer

Some of the packing services we offer at Sprint Mover include but are definitely not limited to these:

Home Movers

Residential packing

We do not just offer our clients residential packing services, our team of professional movers is able to disassemble or dismantle items like pieces of furniture and load them into the truck without any form of damage.

Packing Service

Office packing services

Do you have office materials and pieces of equipment you need to be moved? If yes, then Sprint Mover is here for you. Our team of well-trained and experienced movers will pack and unpack your items in a professional manner. All you have to do is to tell them where each item or equipment should be placed.


Student packing

This is a special packing service that we offer our clients. This packing service happens to be a low-cost packing service, but it is handled by professional movers.

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